Michelle Myers, MFT


Reaching out for support can be difficult – appreciate yourself for starting this process. Facing pain feels scary and yet it can uncover your inner truth and generate greater wholeness. My office and my energy create a safe and soothing environment so that you and I can gently delve into the inner world of your self.

There’s an excitement that builds in discovering the wholeness of who you are at your core. Often, our truest self is buried under mountains of things like; family expectations, addictions, societal pressures, and past traumas. Worthlessness, hopelessness, and despair can be directing the course of your life without your even realizing it. As your therapist, I will be a focused and steady guide throughout your unique journey.


"What makes us human beings so uniquely wonderful in this puzzling universe is that we never give up on love.  Against all odds, with no guarantee of being loved in return, out of the hate and hurt so often handed us, in the face of the sad suffering history has let us see, we go on loving.  What deep respect we deserve for this capacity of ours to make love out of anything and to let it last."

-David Richo, from How to Be an Adult (Paulist Press)